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a mechanism or arrangement that helps keep something else functioning. 3. the foundation upon which a denture rests. caregiver support in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as the provision of the necessary information, advocacy, and Need to know how Support is abbreviated in Medical? Check out variants for Support abbreviation in Medical family support: [ sŭ-port´ ] 1. a structure that bears the weight of something else. 2.

Support medical term

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adj., adj systemat´ic, system´ic. health service support. All services performed, provided, or arranged by the Services to promote, improve, conserve, or restore the mental or physical well-being of personnel. These services include, but are not limited to, the management of health services resources, such as manpower, monies, and facilities; preventive and curative health measures; evacuation of the wounded, injured, or sick; selection of the medically fit and disposition of the medically unfit; blood management; medical Synonyms for Medical Assistance (other words and phrases for Medical Assistance). medical support. health service about examples terms privacy & cookie policy. In a brief definition, life support refers to specific medical procedures that help keep a person alive when one of their essential organs stops functioning.

2 : one that supports —often used attributively a support staff. In a brief definition, life support refers to specific medical procedures that help keep a person alive when one of their essential organs stops functioning.

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underlie. 4 to provide evidence or information for (as a claim or idea) studies that support the claim that red wine drinkers have a reduced risk of coronary disease and cancer. Synonyms for support.

Support medical term

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Support medical term

2 prenominal of or relating to a person's body, its care, or its appearance. personal hygiene, great personal beauty. 3 belonging to or intended for a particular person and no-one else.

5 by no means absolutely not, definitely not, in no way, not at all, not in the least, not in the slightest, not the least bit, no way, on no account. ways and means.
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Interneurons  Feb 6, 2019 Late-term abortion is not a medical term but a political construct. by the Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit research center that supports  What is addiction? Addiction is a treatable, chronic medical disease involving complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and an  They may instead be experiencing “lack of insight” or “lack of awareness.” The formal medical term for this medical condition is anosognosia, from the Greek  The Everest Insurance® companies offer temporary or short-term medical insurance to Short-Term Medical is not for everyone. Visit A&H Claims & Support  A glossary of heart related medical terms. Heart Information and Support > Resources to help (heart) > Heart conditions Medical term for a Heart Attack  Apply for nearly 3 years of short term insurance with a TriTerm Medical plan.

Acute: Sudden but typically short as in an acute illness Medical definition of supportive: furnishing support; specifically : serving to sustain the strength and condition of a patient. Learn new tips, tricks, and access helpful documents Community Browse information from other users in a forum style.
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The term "Role" or "Echelon" is used to describe the stratification of the four tiers in which medical support is organised, on a progressive basis, to conduct treatment, evacuation, resupply, and functions essential to the maintenance of the health of the force. "Echelon" or "Role" is defined If you’re not familiar with the lingo, medical terminology can leave your head spinning. Whether you’re considering entering the medical field or you’re just trying to navigate the newest medical show, it can be hard to keep up with the at-times alien sounding array of technical terms, abbreviations and jargon that gets used.